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by Jerry Bader

That's the word being used to describe Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" debut. I didn't see it live but I've watched a number of segments online. I loved it. I haven't watched late night television on anything that even resembles a regular basis since Johnny Carson retired more than two decades ago.

I've heard several  reviewers describe Fallon as the most Carsonesque presence behind the mic. From what I saw, I agree. Carson laid back, aw shucks style is often considered to be out of vogue; that a late night show today needs more "pop." 

Oh yes, there were moments of "pop" last night, but from what I'm being told and from what I saw, Fallon's style will be unique in the late night universe. Time will tell if Fallon maintains after a strong debut.  I'm going to regularly check in at 10:30 central for the first time