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Episode 16 - Go Go Godzilla!

by Brad Ludwig

The Crew discuss the new Godzilla film from director Gareth Edwards.

The topics discussed, was this the movie a Godzilla 2000 palette cleanser, what is 'apocolypse porn', a possible explanation for the band named ' God Lives Underwater ', were the MUTOs a good 'villain', how many nukes does it take to fill up these monsters and what monsters should Godzilla fight in the sequel.

Joining us this episode are:

Host: Mark of Special Mark Productions

Colin of marveldcfansreviews

Dawn S. of intheaudience.net

Glenn Buettner of bmoviebunker

Joe Cauwel of cauwel3

Ramona reviewer for rockrevoltmagazine.com

Scott Davis of movieoctrity

Tony of 22tigerdude

By Witchblue.Witchblue at it.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

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