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Lets hope WI continues to represent

by Jason Miller

It has been released that there are 20 men who made it to the next step.  As of July 1st this list, from nwba.org, will be cut to 12 and they will represent the USA.  Check it out and notice,  four of the 20 represent Wisconsin. Lets go guys continue to make Wisconsin proud.

Jared Arambula   Valparaiso, IN              2.5

Carter Arey         Columbia, MO              4.5 **

Eric Barber         Chicago, IL                   1

Brian Bell            Birmingham, AL            4.5

Gavin Cloy          Atlanta, GA                  3

John Gilbert        Fairfax, MO                  1

Michael Paye      Warren, MI                   3

Jorge Sanchez    Oakland, CA                4

Paul Schulte       Manchester, MI            3

Matt Scott           Southfield, MI               3.5

Steven Serio       Westbury, NY              3.5

Nathan Hinze      Cedar Grove, WI         4.5

Chris Kommer     Grand Rapids, MI        4

Ryan Neiswender  Lebanon, MD             2**

Jacob Williams      Milwaukee, WI             **

Ian Lynch              Brooklyn Park, MN      1

Jason Nelms          Emmett, MI                 2.5

Bobbie Nickleberry Dallas, TX                 4.5 **

Jeremy Lade          Oconto, WI                2.5

Christopher Okon  Mayville, W                I2.5

** Not an official IWBF Classification