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Have you said these things?

by Jason Miller

You know being disabled you hear lots of questions.  You hear the basic, can I ask you a question, yes you can ask why I'm in a wheelchair.  You hear the best ones from kids, do you sleep in the chair?  Do you have to go to the bathroom in the chair?  Then as the kids get older, of course the questions get crazier, for instance I was doing a demo for the Whitewater team back in the day and a kid asked if have sex in my chair?  How do you answer that question to a High School'er when the answer is yes but you want to be socially correct in your answer, you say this...would you if you could...then they laugh and get crazy and we moved on to basketball.  It's not the question as so much as it is the way you ask it.  I think this article 10 Things to Never Say to a Person in a Wheelchair    Check it out and let me know what you think is a proper question to ask someone in a wheelchair.