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VIDEO: Angels fan ruins a woman's shoulder for a foul ball

by Matt Z

Did you know that foul balls are worth millions of dollars and should be gone after as if they were gold? Well, this guy thinks so:

The people giving high fives are just as ridiculous as foul ball guy.

If you've been to a UWGB basketball game at the Resch, or the Kress, you know that one of their promotions is to drop parachutes from the rafters. The parachutes contain prizes and people go nuts for them. This past season, while at a game at the Resch, a gentleman seated in the row behind me decided he would stop at nothing to get a parachute that was falling directly above our heads. As the parachute fell, it continued to move further away from the mans outstretched hand. He decided to lunge forward and in the process, knock my friend into the row in front of us. Not only did the man take out my friend, he also took out his wife and their young daughter. Oh yeah, he also spilled his beer all over our row. All in the name of free crap.

Keep it classy, super fans.