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The Pelosi Fix for Obamacare

by Jerry Bader

The fix? Don't call it Obamacare. Stress the affordable, affordable, affordable. What Pelosi is talking about is something with which I have a fair amount of experience; branding. She wants to rebrand Obamacare to its original brand intent; making health care more affordable to America. Here's the problem; it doesn't.

I believe it is the "Wizard of Ads," Roy Williams, who said a good advertising campaign accelerates the inevitable. If you have a good product and you have a good ad campaign, you'll succeed quicker. A good ad campaign for a lousy product will put you out of business more quickly. A campaign that lies about the product is almost immediately fatal. Perhaps the greatest example of this ever was Saturn Motors. The wholly owned subsidiary of GM claimed to be "a different kind of company, a different kind of car."

It didn't take car buyers long to realize it was pretty much the same old GM, same old GM car. Saturn is gone. Worse for Pelosi is Americas already know what they came to learn about Saturn. You go Nancy, you go.