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More People Carrying Concealed

by Jerry Bader

But the real story here is how slanted this coverage is from the Wall Street Journal, given that it's considered to be a conservative paper. They provide the standard anti-gun line of how law enforcement is concerned; some agencies are, some aren't. And they also push the bogus meme that successful self defense with a gun is rare. This lie is exasperating on its own, but is made more so coming from the Journal.

Wisconsin has had more than a half dozen incidents of law abiding citizens defending themselves or others with guns since concealed carry came to the Badger State in November 2011. To my knowledge there have been no incidents of self defense with a legally concealed gun going awry. And they talk with John Lott, but his comments are presented in general terms about guns making people safer and don't debunk the myth presented earlier in the piece.

Wisconsin is a perfect laboratory example of how unsubstantiated these anti-gun carry arguments are. The Wall Street Journal may have a conservative editorial page, but with this in its news hole it might as well be the New York Times.