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Civil Disobedience in the Suburbs

by Jerry Bader

I mostly agree with this piece. If you think a law is immoral or unjust, I agree with disobeying it. However, my caveat it you must be prepared to suffer the consequences. The alternative is a lawless society. As the author points out, anybody who disobeyed the Jim Crow laws of the South or orders to enforce them should be remembered as a hero. But unjust and immoral as those laws were, they were the law of the land and those who ignored them did so at their own peril. And suffering those consequences were part of what brought about change.

I think there is a difference between the draft dodger who was willing to go to prison and one who went to Canada. I defend neither, but one who is willing to suffer the consequences of their action is, to me, different from one who ran from them. And the examples offered in the piece are excellent as well. But understand that when you disobey a law because you feel it's a bad law, you need to be willing to take what comes with that.