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Republican strategy unmasks the Democrats

by Greg Belfrage

Republicans have finally found a winning strategy in the ongoing showdown with Democrats over the government shutdown.  Republicans have been passing bills to fund the Veteran's Administration, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal agencies. Senate Democrats have criticized this "piecemeal" approach to funding government and refuse to vote on the bills.

The wheels started coming off when Senator Harry Reid was asked why Democrats won't approve funding for NIH, which includes medical trials for kids with cancer.  Watch the question and Reid's reaction below...

"Why would we want to do that?" was Reid's cold-hearted response.  Reid would rather play political games and shield Obamacare rather than fund cancer programs at NIH.

Senator Reid was right about one thing.  The entire debate is indeed about Obamacare. That's what Republicans have been saying all along.  They're willing to fully fund government with the single exception of Obamacare.  But Democrats won't have it.

Reid has criticized Republicans for being "reckless and irresponsible".  But what's reckless and irresponsible about refusing to fund a program that a majority of American's do not want and support?

Reid also asserts that Republicans have no right to pick and choose which functions of government they will fund.  Of course they do!  That's the very function of Congress. I think Reid lives on Bizarro World. Lawmakers are not required to fund programs they do not support. Its ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

Republicans have finally found an effective way to illustrate who is truly responsible for the shutdown of the federal government. And despite what you're hearing from the mainstream media, it isn't the GOP. 

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