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Waterfowl opener not too far away

by Tom Mitchell

Thursday night on cable, Duck Dynasty premiered a new season with over 11 million viewers.  Broke some kind of record for cable TV viewing.  That's pretty amazing for a show where they rarely duck hunt!  My DVR caught last night's episode and I'm sure I'll check it out sometime this weekend.  

But this is the time of the year I look forward to most - the annual waterfowl opener.  I love being outdoors on the water chasing ducks and geese, there's nothing like it.  I generally hunt the Minnesota opener, which is September 21st this year.  That's about the earliest I've seen it as of late.  In South Dakota the opener is staggered depending on what part of the state you're going to hunt.  September 28th is the earliest.  In Iowa September 21st is the opener and in Wisconsin the duck begin to fall on September 21st in the north zone.  

One of my favorite web sites in the fall is the Ducks Unlimited migration map.  It shows a good indication of where the ducks are and reports from hunters of what they're seeing.  There is even a mobile app you can download to your smart phone.  Check out the web version here http://www.ducks.org/migrationmap/ 

Happy Hunting!

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