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Outdoor photo bomb

by Tom Mitchell

Palisades Park State Park in Garretson South Dakota is a great place for a hike, a picnic, camping, canoeing or kayaking, swimming, rock climbing and though frowned upon by officials at the park -  cliff diving.  The main attraction of the park are the Sioux Quartzite rocks which are 1.2 billion years old and up to 50 feet.  The park is also the location of the famous Jesse James "Outlaw Leap " - where legend has it that while running from the law, Jesse James climbed upon his horse and gave it some good spurs, enough to propel him and the horse across Devil's Gulch.  An amazing feat to be sure.  

Tuesday was the last day of summer vacation for my kids and they planned a trip with their friends to the park for a day of swimming and camping.  As with most high schoolers these days the kids live their life on Facebook with photos and videos and the photo below is one from their day.  I don't think they realized they captured a nice photo bomb of one of the boys who is actually jumping into Split Rock Creek, but if you look closely it looks as though he's a giant tip-toeing across the bridge spanning the park.  Great shot kids!!