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Another Winter Trail open for Fatties.

by Craig Holgate

The Hibbing Park Board voted this week to allow fat tire bicycles out on a few of the Carey Lake Ski Trails. The rules have been put in place for the remainder of the ski season this year as a test to see how things go. The Board plans to revisit the issue before next season and adopt permanent rules for winter bike use. 

For the remainder of the snow season the bikes will be allowed to ride on the skate and combination trails only. They are not being allowed on the classic ski trails. In the case of Carey Lake , that is the Lakeview and Black Forest Trails. (note the Black Forest Loop is lit nightly until about 10 p.m.) 

There is a new animal leaving tracks at the Carey Lake Ski Trails outside of Hibbing. 

The Carey Lake Winter Recreation Trails are located just east of Hibbing, MN on 25th Street. The trails are not open to hiking or snowshoeing during the groomed winter season.