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Worms In My Feet

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

I dreamt I was downtown underneath the overpasses. I was headed to some event. I looked down and saw worms were coming out of my feet, the soles. I did not have shoes on. I kept scraping the worms off, but they kept growing back. Jill 28, Madison, WI

Lauri: You are underneath the overpass, which means you are not at the level you want in some area of your life. Look at career, relationships, personal growth. What area of your life is beneath where you feel it ought to be? The fact that you are headed to some event is a good sign! It means you ARE on your way to something better than where you are now! The worms indicate that you are feeling lowly, you are wallowing in the dirt (negativity), so to speak. You may even feel that something or someone negative has wormed its way into your life perhaps even eating away at your very soul! The worms keep growing back every time you try to scrape them off. This means you have been having a difficult time getting rid of these negative depressed feelings OR getting rid of the person or situation that has wormed its way in. The message of the dream is: time to try something different because the same ol same ol doesnt seem to be doing the trick.

Jill replies: This all makes complete sense! My husband has some depression issues that he is working through in order to be a better husband. He has hurt me over and over again. I have been feeling so stuck and so low and I am afraid I am losing my soul! He recently had a wake-up call and since then, has been treating me great! I hope this continues, because I love him and have 2 babies with him. If it goes back to the same ol same ol, I need to think about ending the relationship. I hope it doesn't come to this, as I know deep down he is a great guy. Thank you!

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