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White Bunny

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
What does it mean to dream of a white bunny hopping around in my basement? - Christina 40, Cleveland, OH

Lauri:  No need to "go ask Alice," I can totally help you with this one! Often, rabbits in a woman's dream can be connected to fertility, hence their nature to reproduce so rapidly. Any fertility issues going on? If not, then the bunny could represent something else in your life that has the potential to grow and multiply. And the color white is usually about new beginnings, in which case the basement could mean that you are at a lower level, as far as this new element in your life is concerned, and the only way for you is up to the next level. I think the bunny could mean there is potential for things to grow and multiply for you in some way.

Christina replies: I have 3 kids so no fertility issues and no man currently so no chance of babies. I did start a new job at the Cleveland clinic. I think it is going very well. It’s demanding, hard work but my manager told me everyone loved me and I was doing great so I am hoping she meant it. Come to think of it, my mom told me weeks ago she had a premonition of exactly what you said! Thanks so much! Wow. You are good.

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