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Protecting My Baby

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
I dreamt that I was holding my oldest daughter who, in the dream was a baby when all these bees starting coming out of nowhere and started stinging her. I tried to cover her up with a blanket but they kept stinging her. I was not stung, however.    – Nancy age 62, Pottstown Pennsylvania

 When we dream our grown children are babies, it can mean that we are babying them too much in real life. But it could also mean that something is going on with her and you are trying to comfort her, hence the blanket. Bees and stinging are usually connected to criticism, stinging remarks. Is anyone saying hurtful things to her or about her? Or is this something that is being directed at you?  What - or who - in real life are you trying to protect? This could actually be all about you, in which case your daughter would be a symbol for the younger, more tender you. What has happened recently that you would describe as emotionally painful?  What really stings?

Nancy replies:
I am trying to protect me. I am so afraid of getting hurt again that I push everyone that gets close to me away.

Lauri replies:
Ah! Your dream seems to be showing you that you are babying yourself too much. Notice how YOU weren't stung? That's your dream reassuring you that you are okay and things aren't as bad as you fear them to be. The baby, is the baby you... the part of you that's being a baby, so to speak. I think your dream is telling you to grow up emotionally; you're gonna be okay!

Nancy replies: I thought it was about protecting my kids, but what you're saying makes sense. Thank you. I am really trying to not fear getting hurt so much.

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