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Will Bergdahl be charged with desertion?

by Jerry Bader

You have to wonder if President Obama knew the backstory on Bowe Bergdahl. Clearly the White House knew there would be blow back from this exchange. A 5 to 1 trade is a tough sell even if Berdahl was captured and didn't go AWOL. But under these conditions it's a nightmare for an administration that may have been wanting to use it as a distraction from the VA and other problems.

The Weekly Standard asks it this way: "What did Obama and Rice know?" Did they know about the note he left? Did they know how other service members felt about having to look for him? The never leave a soldier behind meme is valid but is wearing thin; especially when you compare this with Benghazi.

And will there be a legitimate investigation into the allegations of desertion? Will he be charged? Will it be considered wartime desertion? How can it not, given the White House says he was a POW, the W standing for "War?" If President Obama was looking for something to take attention off his other problems, he found it. That much is for sure.