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WI Concealed Carry Permits Hit 200K Issued

by Jerry Bader

That's 200,000 in just under two years.  Remember the wild predictions? Road rage shoot outs, people accidentally shooting themselves or loved ones, people having their guns taken from them when using them in self defense, people shooting people out of paranoia and not just cause? Has any of that happened? 

Every time someone successfully used a legally concealed weapon to protect themselves or others, and it's happened nearly a dozen times since November 2011, concealed carry opponents call it "an exception to the rule."

Yet, we have not one example of an incident they would consider "the rule," and we have several examples of incidents they consider "the exception." So, when does the exception become the rule and when does the rule become the exception? Answer? Never, of course, in their mind. Whoever the Democratic nominee for governor is in 2014, he or she needs to be asked if they would sign a repeal of concealed carry.