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Why Scott Walker Was Smart to Skip CPAC

by Jerry Bader

Fuller's central thesis is that it's wise for Scott Walker to avoid the national limelight right now, that's why skipping the premier conservative event makes sense. Yes, he's elevated his national profile, but in reality he may have come off looking not ready for prime time next to some of the other speakers who've held the national spotlight longer. And there's another possibility; maybe Scott Walker isn't running for president in 2016.

I know it's accepted that he is and I've said I think he is. Maybe we're all wrong. I'm not convinced Hillary Clinton is running. Someone said to me recently that they didn't think Walker was running for president but that he was running for vice president. Perhaps. Maybe Walker doesn't really know at this point. But I have had a hard to imagining Chris Christie and Walker opposing each other in a primary.

I can, however, picture both on the same ticket.

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