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by Jerry Bader

Claudia Orr, removed as principal from Green Bay's Eisenhower school in a WKCE test cheating scandal gets a new position and a raise. Many might be suspect that this is the education establishment taking care of one of its own. That's possible. I'm not so sure. During this scandal I told listeners many times that I had off the record information that led me to believe this scandal was wider and deeper than we know publicly. And even after releasing emails in an open records request the district refused to comment on any of them.

Sources had told me that they believed it was unlikely the district was going to keep Orr. What might be a reason they kept her in a position that seemed a strange fit and now rewarded her with a higher paying position? Okay, here comes a lot of what iffing. What if Orr leaving the district would free her up to tell a story about this scandal that has not yet been told? What if she was, to some degree or another, a scapegoat? What if the district decided they couldn't afford to get rid of her and have her tell that story. And what if Orr decided she couldn't find another job after what happened at Eisenhower, so this became the perfect marriage?  What if?