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Who Had the Worst Year in Washington

by Jerry Bader

The Washington Post gets one right; they award President Obama with the worst year in D.C.. They also put Republicans in second place. I suppose you could argue that, but I would claim that by year's end they were in much better shape than that. I would also argue that WaPo and many others on the left are missing the real reason 2013 was President Obama's very bad year.

It's not that he was caught lying about Obamacare, or any of his other missteps. It was Obamacare being revealed as one giant lie. Liberals are still trying to cling to the hope that America hasn't noticed that, but it has. Conservatives upset with the budget deal do need to understand this; 2014 has all the potential to be a much worse year for Obamacare and the President. It would be a disservice to America and bad politics to take the spotlight off of that.