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Where is Mary Burke on Obamacare?

by Jerry Bader

The State GOP has launched and ad campaign calling out gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke to state her position on Obamacare.  The campaign includes billboards and a strong digital presence. Wisconsin GOP Executive Director Joe Fadness explained in a release:

– The Republican Party of Wisconsin has called on Mary Burke to break her silence on Obamacare. Since Burke entered the race for Governor, she has refused to state her position on the disastrous health care law.

“Wisconsin deserves to know where a candidate for Governor stands on the major issues in the race,” Wisconsin GOP Executive Director Joe Fadness said. “Burke refuses to be open with voters on a law that is hurting Wisconsinites more and more every day.”

Last week, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius visited Milwaukee in a desperate attempt to spin the failed rollout of the President’s health care law. Millions of Americans are now seeing their existing health plans lost because of dangerous Obamacare regulations. This is on top of the over $1 trillion in tax hikes the law is pushing on the middle class.

“Obamacare’s failures show a lack of trust with this administration, and Burke’s silence is alarming,” continued Fadness. “The people of Wisconsin deserve to know if she will defend the lies and false promises of the Obama Administration.”

The Republican Party of Wisconsin has put up a billboard to ask Burke to come forward on Obamacare, and has a running counter on wisgop.org to track Burke’s silence and hold her accountable. You can view the billboard and page by clicking here.