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When a Mistake Bites you in the Butt

by Jerry Bader

A major story breaking in Wisconsin today is an illustration of short-term gain, long term pain when it comes to short-sighted political decisions. Back in the late '90's Republicans were all good with going along with then State Senator Lynn Adelman's nomination to the federal court. Conservatives at the time warned that a far left liberal like Adelman being appointed for life to the federal bench wasn't worth the short term gain in the State Senate.

And over the years Adelman has proved them right, but never in as spectacular fashion as he did today. If there's any consolation here, it's that it was an absolute certainty that Adelman would strike down voter photo ID in Wisconsin, so at least nobody is caught by surprise by this ruling.

I was among those who felt Republicans should circumvent what they knew was going to be judicial defeat by passing a new photo ID bill that will pass court muster. Yes, the state will appeal this decision, but I still believe lawmakers should be called back into session to pass a bill that will be as bullet proof as possible to withstand a court challenge.

Photo Credit: By unknown, uploaded by User Emu on de.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons