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What Happens When a Black Man Strays off the Liberal Reservation

by Jerry Bader

Full disclosure: I feel if any Native American mascot is racist, it would be Redskin because it literally refers to the color of someone's skin. I'm not deeply offended by it but I wouldn't think it a radical act of political correctness if the team chose to change it. RGIII disagrees with me on that; he sees nothing wrong with it. He's in tune with 79% of the American public.

Zirin argues that Ali's behavior was framed by a conservative white media. Sorry, even in the late '60's the media wasn't conservative although it certainly wasn't as liberal as it is now. And Griffin is wrong and Zirin right about this; Ali would have a much easier time today . He would be celebrated as was Jason Collins of the NBA. He would be called courageous for saying things that got him nothing but media love.

It is actually RGIII who is in Ali's shoes today. He is seen as radical by the liberal media because his politics appear to be right of center. Bad enough for any athlete, but for Griffin, that makes him the "wrong kind of black" to the MSM. In fact, it's been questioned whether he's really a black at all, as liberals and the media define it.

I may not entirely agree with Griffin on this, but I applaud him the very same way Zirin fondly remembers Ali's courage to speak what he thought was the truth.