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Walker Asks State TV Stations to Pull False Burke Ad

by Jerry Bader

Governor Scott Walker's campaign has asked Wisconsin TV stations to pull a ridiculously false Burke for Governor spot that falsely claims unemployment in the state is up during Walker's time in office. The request:


MADISON, WI – Friends of Scott Walker has filed a complaint with television stations airing Mary Burke’s false and misleading ad, calling for its removal.

As outlined in the complaint, Burke’s ad, “Record,” incorrectly states that “under Walker, unemployment’s up.” However according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates have decreased since Scott Walker took office, from 7.8% to 6.3%. Additionally, PolitiFactcalled Burke’s argument in the ad a lie noting that, “for a claim that is false and ridiculous, we give Burke a Pants on Fire.”

“Mary Burke’s ad is false and blatantly misleading,” said Stephan Thompson, Friends of Scott Walker Campaign Manager. “Failure to remove this ad would fly in the face of factual reporting and deceive Wisconsin voters.”

Friends of Scott Walker also released a TV ad this week, “The Facts,” setting the record straight on Wisconsin’s improved unemployment numbers under Governor Scott Walker.

Please click here to find a copy of the complaint submitted to stations airing Mary Burke’s ad.

I've reached out to TV stations in Green Bay and Milwaukee. I'm told the spot isn't running in the Milwaukee market. Jay Zollar of Fox 11 in Green Bay told me they've not yet seen the complaint from the Walker campaign. I've not heard from other stations in Green Bay. I'll update when I do.