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Union Letter: "Obamacare will destroy the very health and well being of workers."

by Jerry Bader

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. of the Teamsters and other union leaders want Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to know they're a bunch of unhappy campers. Interesting that they complain about the "accomodation" to employers by pushing back a year implementation of an insurance mandate. The Right sees that as evidence that Obamacare is irretrievably broken. They also aren't happy that employeers don't have to offer insurance to employees who clock under thirty hours a week. They call it an incentive to reduce hours. That's exactly what has happened in companies around the country.

What are the union leaders suggesting on that point? That Obamacare be tweaked to require insurance coverage for all employees? The Obama administration is terrified of what full implementation of ACA would have meant for mid-term elections. And union leaders don't think it goes far enough.