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This is the "consultant" Chris Abele Paid $10k.

by Jerry Bader

I realize the tweets of a man who appears to be certifiably insane are low-hanging blog fruit, but it's a sunny Friday so why not harvest the lunatic rantings of Graeme Zielinski. This is the same man who Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele paid $10,000 for "communications consultant work" on his campaign. Truthfully, Abele's gotten off pretty lightly for hiring a moonbat like Zielinski. Abele tries to portary himself as centrist as he drops 10k on this guy? Who knows what (or whom) motivates Zielinski to action, but he took to Twitter today to attack me concerning the an alleged letter of apology Brown County Republican Party official Jason Wisneski to State Senator Dave Hansen, after Wisneski made vicious remarks about Hansen online. I have condemned Wisneski from the moment I learned of his comments, and his letter to Hansen was reprehensible as well. All of this is clear from everything I've written and said about Wisneski. Not clear, of course, to the man with the ability to cloud his own mind, Graeme Zielinski:

Then, a sliver of reality actualy shone through Zielinski's force field of unreality and he tweeted this:

Graeme thinks I make mental health jokes about him. He is a mental health joke.