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The Whole Story

by Jerry Bader

The Green Bay Police Department today released its report on the "You Tube Video" arrest in downtown Green Bay April 19 by officer Derek Wicklund. The GBPD has cleared Wicklund of any wrongdoing. Based on the report and other video of the event, I agree with that find. I realize those who had already convicted Wicklund in their minds won't. But the evidence is pretty compelling.

The situation appeared to be escalating and Wicklund felt he had to get control of it. His technique may shock some, but it is accepted procedure for a take down. The question all along was whether that level of force was needed. I'm convinced it was. You can report the report here.

While I agree with Wicklund being cleared on this, I stand by previous statements that lightening strikes around Wicklund, a lot. Most of it has stayed off the public radar. This one didn't. I believe Wicklund has been living a little too close to the line. Let's see if that changes.