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The Top 5 Lies About Fracking

by Jerry Bader

As this piece points out, even President Obama seems bullish on natural gas fracking. Here could be the most stunning lie of all:

Falsehood 5: Natural gas is worse than coal. This particular claim was launched in 2011 with a hastily cobbled-together study by three anti-fracking researchers at Cornell. Their argument is that leaking methane, whose global warming potential is much greater than that of carbon dioxide, more than entirely offsets whatever reductions in carbon dioxide emissions would be achieved by, for example, switching from coal to gas to generate electricity. The FWW letter claims that calling natural gas "clean" energy is "misleading," but unlike the Cornell researchers the group concedes that burning natural gas "emits half as much carbon dioxide as coal."

The FWW came much closer to the truth than the Cornell crew did. A comprehensive analysis published in November 2012 by researchers associated with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that "the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity generated from Barnett Shale gas extracted in 2009 were found to be very similar to conventional natural gas and less than half those of coal-fired electricity generation." With respect to global warming, producing and burning natural gas from fracked wells is much better than burning coal. 

What's stunning about this is libs loved nat. gas until it came from fracking. Remember when Nancy Pelosi loved it so much she didn't realize it was a fossil fuel?

Now, because fracking is creating cheap abundant natural gas, that fuel has become dirtier than coal? To the liberals that's like becoming more evil than the Koch brothers! It isn't possible! Unless you're desperate, of course. Then, for libearls, anything is possible.