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The "sound of tyranny" in Wisconsin

by Jerry Bader

A simply brilliant piece by the often brilliant George Will on John Doe 2.0 in Wisconsin. Because it's isolated to one state, this story hasn't gotten the national attention it deserves. Most of the out of state coverage has been in the Wall Street Journal (they have a direct source to the story). But the government overreach involved here clearly eclipses the IRS scandal.

The liberal prosecutors involved couldn't land the great whale in John Doe 1.0, so they tried again with this witch hunt, if you'll pardon the mixing of "Moby Dick" and "The Crucible" metaphors. What happens next in the Wisconsin Club for Growth's lawsuit is critical. Will prosecutors go unpunished for this assault on free speech? The answer to that question will determine whether the same players try this sort of thing again, or if any prosecutor engages in this type of misconduct using Wisconsin's flawed John Doe investigation again.