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The Silence is Deafening

by Jerry Bader

It's been three weeks since Governor Scott Walker asked DPI Superintendent Tony Evers to act on the license revocation of a porn-watching teacher (watching at school, mind you).Three weeks later, not a peep. Not only has Evers failed to act, he hasn't said a word. DPI has been investigating Andrew Harris for four years.. 

Clearly Evers is in a tremendous political bind here. An arbitrator restored Harris to his job and courts have upheld that decision. Evers would have to buck his friends in the education establishment to do the right thing here. And as sickening as it is, a lot of teachers are glad Harris got his job back because they believe teachers should be protected at all cost.

This is lose/lose for Evers. Revoke Harris' license and invoke the wrath of the EE. Do nothing and protect a porn watcher, and the stuff Harris was watching was pretty nasty. Other than invoking the arbitrator and court rulings, what other defense could Evers offer for not revoking? Does he think he can just ignore this and it will go away? Doubtful.