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The Journal Sentinel's Advocacy "Journalism"

by Jerry Bader

I disagreed with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos' handling of the "oral chemo bill," which would require health care plans to pay for the treatment. But he was right about one thing; the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel crossed a line and practically lobbied, in the legal sense, for this bill. When the series "House of Cards" begins, Congressman Frank Underwood is Majority Whip; his job is to whip the votes. This will be a recurrent theme in the series. The Journal Sentinel must have fans of "House of Cards"  for they have learned well.

Have they ever done this type of roll call before? Have they ever exerted this kind of pressure on lawmakers to take a stance on an inssue before? Will they do it in the future? This is stunning. I've gone back and forth on this bill and in the end, I can't support someting that is mandated by government. But it is very close for me. But that's irrelevant. Legislative leadership used Harry Reid type tactics to try to keep it from a floor vote. The JS is within journalistic bounds by pointing this out. But to take it upon themselves to advocate so openly for a bill puts to rest any notion that they are anything but a liberal activist publication, much like the Cap Times of Madison.