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The Flaming Hypocrisy of the Journal-Sentinel's Politiact

by Jerry Bader

The Journal-Sentinel today has a Politifact rating of "Mostly False" for Governor Walker's statement that the Philadelphia Federal Reserve rates Wisconsin #2 in future economic growth. First; this rating is demonstrably false and the JS doesn't try to claim the Philly Fed didn't make this rating. Instead, they try to discredit the rating, thereby proving Walker's statement as "mostly false." That, in and of itself is intellectually dishonest; they know Walker's claim is true. Their issue is with the validity of the Fed's claim. If they want to challenge that, then this rating should grade the Fed, not Walker.

But it gets much worse. Back in June the JS had no issues with the Philly Fed metric; they blared the most current ratings that day, front page above the fold in their print editions with this story. Since then, conveniently enough for them, they've determined the ranking means nothing. It seemed to mean a helluva lot to them back in June.

And to add insult to injury, they try to illustrate the volatility of the numbers by pointing out Wisconsin was ranked 2nd to last back then but fail to mention the high profile coverage they gave those numbers! Funny how they expect Walker to accept the same numbers they plastered on the front page as now discredited. Something is definitely discredited here; if the Journal-Sentinel would wake up and smell what they're standing in, they would know precisely what that something is.