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The Family Business

by Jerry Bader

Mary Burke continues to struggle to win over the liberal base in her quest to become the Democratic nominee to challenge Governor Scott Walker in 2014. Her non-committal answers to big policy questions have left the base unimpressed. Then there is the matter of her family business, Trek bicycle, being non-union. The base is now going after her because Trek "outsourced" jobs to China.

I have to admit, there is so much to indulge here; a liberal talk show host who no one listens to is finally getting attention...by ripping a democrat

Suddenly dems understand the need for outsourcing, a DPW lieutenant  pointing out that Trek would have gone the way of Schwinn if they hadn't outsourced.

So, let me see if I've got this; When Walmart is non union, Walmart bad. Trek non-union: well, you know, it's not a perfect fit for everyone.

A company moves jobs to China: bad. A democrat's company moves jobs to China: business necessity. 

Glad they cleared that up.