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Still More Questions than Answers

by Jerry Bader

For the second straight day Transportation officials held a news conference to discuss a sagging section of the Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge which carries I-43 over the Fox River in Green Bay.And the bottom line is they don't know what caused a support pier to sink and they don't know how their going to fix it or when. They did say they've never seen a bridge event like this one before. They do say the bridge appears stable.

Pure speculation here, but given it'll be next week before they even know what they're dealing with, it seems hard to imagine the bridge getting fixed during this construction season. A section of the bridge is sagging and it would seem that's going to be a major project. Motorists in the Green Bay area are adjusting. There is a Packers game October 6 that will bring traffic from Milwaukee, but the bridge doesn't really figure into game day traffic patterns.

By my reckoning Thanksgiving week/deer hunt is when it'll get really interesting. Highway 41 along Green Bay is already a mess due to a major reconstruction project. Folks coming from the south will have to get over to Highway 41. There options are taking I-43 to Green Bay and then getting over on Highway 172, or come up the whole trip on Highway 41. Either way, portions of 41 will handle a lot more traffic, including the area under construction. And I would be shocked if the bridge re-opened before Thanksgiving.