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"Stay of Execution, Not a Pardon..."

by Jerry Bader

I think Bauer's death row analogy is spot on.  And while businesses were relieved that they wouldn't face this morass in six months, Bauer makes an excellent point about the downside of delaying the inevitable, pulling the band aid off slowly, rather than quickly, if you will:

In short, the business advocate said Obamacare on hold prolongs economic uncertainty, a problem for a U.S. economy struggling to find its footing.

Employers already had expressed concern over the health insurance mandate, with many smaller businesses pledging to keep their full-time work force under 50 to avoid the mandate.

Bauer said many businesses were postponing decisions until Jan. 1, 2014, to see the lay of the land in the Affordable Care Act.

“Now do you wait another year? This will have a chilling effect on hiring,” the WMC executive said. “Businesses don’t tend to make big investments when there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty. I think, overall, this will be a drag on hiring.”

That uncertainty arrives just as a slew of economic indicators make the case Wisconsin’s economy is on a steady path to recovery. The latest employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show the Badger State moved up 11 spots nationally to 33rd in job creation in the fourth quarter of 2012, the latest data available. 

This makes sense. Whatever challenges ACA was going to bring business, by mid 2014 it was going to be the devil companies knew. Now the uncertainty drags on for another year, and very likely a tepid recovery along with it. Democrats were terrified of what that scenario would have meant for November 2014. Republicans must now seize the moment and use this as a call to repeal, and not just another token vote in the House.