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Seat Cushions Banned at Lambeau?

by Jerry Bader

According to this story, yes. I traded emails with Aaron Popkey of the Packers, who is out of the office this week, and I asked him if I was reading this right, that seat cushions would be banned under the expanded policy. His response:

"We're still in the process of evaluating. We'll have more next week."

This would probably mean a lot more at Lambeau than at most NFL stadiums. Lambeau is still mostly bleacher seats and I take a seat cushion to every game I attend. It seems most everybody involved, the team, police, etc., where caught off guard on this and weren't about to say they knew what this means. And according to our newsroom in Green Bay, one other NFL franchise they reached out to also isn't talking.

No seat cushions at Lambeau field is going to go over like a T.J. Rubley fumble.