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Ryan Braun Finally does the Right Thing

by Jerry Bader

Braun is suspended for the remainder of the season, 65 games. He's not contesting the punishment. This is the development I've been pushing for, better even. I felt he'd get the 100 game suspension. Braun's not playing much or well, the Brewers are going nowhere. Being able to come back for all of next season is more than I had hoped for, really. 

I stopped believing Braun when he was linked to Biogenesis. It would appear Braun cut some type of deal with MLB; 50 games is the penalty for a first time offense, 100 for a second offense. Braun is getting 65. Now comes the fallout. The Brewers had made Braun the face of the franchise. He had a squeaky clean reputation, which is why his fan base believed him at first. He's blown a lot of trust equity. But he realized he had to stop the bleeding and came clean. But he was awfully adamant in his denial and he trashed the person responsible for custody of his blood sample.

And forever will be the question of his MVP season. Was it really? Can Ryan Braun come all the way back? Only time will tell.