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Project Veritas' Explosive Mike Ellis Video UPDATED: Ellis says he didn't know the plan was illegal UPDATE II: More coming??

by Jerry Bader

James O'Keefe and his "Project Veritas" have released an explosive video of comments made by Wisconsin State Senate President Mike Ellis where Ellis is caught on a secretly recorded video saying "I'm putting together my own Super Pac...I don't need to kiss anybody's ass."

State law prohibits candidates campaign's from coordinating with any independent group. Ellis' seems to be saying the group will be just a shell, that he'll raise the money from a handful of donors and someone else will spread the "crap." Veritas calls this a potential violation of Wisconsin campaign law.

Ellis is also caught saying the John Doe Probe is a blessing in disguise and the Scott Walker is only looking out for Walker.

Ellis is facing a challenge to his Senate seat this fall by State Representative Penny Bernard Schaber, who he attacks in the video. As the narration of the video states, it's unclear whether Ellis is discussing an intentional attempt to break the law or is ignorant of it. I'm not sure it matters:

UPDATED: Ellis has t old the Milwaukee Journal Sentine l he learned two days after the recording was made the plan was illegal and didn't pursue it. Ellis also claims he never contacted the potential donors he mentioned in the video. A case can be made that the way Ellis is discussing it, he felt confident he already had the money and that he appears to be talking about a plan in the works. That, of course, is open to interpretation.

UPDATE II: based on this tweet by O'Keefe after this video release it looks as though there is a second shoe to drop on the Ellis story: