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Planned Parenthood going after Ellis

by Jerry Bader

It would appear that liberals are going all in on the "War on Women" strategy in Wisconsin in 2014. They seem to have settled in very early on Madison School Board member Mary Burke for Governor. And Assembly Representative Penny Bernard Schaber is challenging Senate President Mike Ellis for his seat. This sets up an interesting scenario. Madison exploded in protest in 2011 over Act 10. Dems tried to recall Scott Walker as a result. Will they ignore it in 2014 and instead play the "War on Women" card?

Does that give Walker an open lane in which to run on Act 10? Democrats tried this once before. Tom Loftus ran against Tommy Thompson under the positioning statement "the right choice." They were convinced abortion was a winning issue. Thompson trounced him. I'm told by insiders that Walker still doesn't pull more than 55 percent or so in polling against democratic unknowns. Perhaps dems feel they only need to pull a few points. But is abortion really front burner for "women and families" as this ad claims?