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Piers Morgan out at CNN

by Jerry Bader

Count me among those surprised that this has taken so  long. I haven't watched much, but from the little I did  it's clear to me that Morgan will always be the guy "who is not from here." And in my opinion that has much more to do with Morgan that it does the American viewing public. As the Times piece points out, Morgan has made no effort to be from around here.

His show has become defined, for the worse, by an incessant debating of gun issues that go nowhere night after night. Morgan is a Brit who looks down his nose at the American gun culture. His anti-gun arguments were tired and weak, but you would think the liberal half of America would be okay with that. Instead, he seemed to be preaching to  all of America that guns are inherently evil. Most American lefties who do that seem to at least understand how important culture is to the debate.

It's not that Morgan is British; it's that in all things he seemed to be on the outside looking in. Imagine me trying to to a radio talk show in London. I'd have to live there for years before attempting it. And beyond that Morgan is pretentious and arrogant. A British accent often unfairly gives Americans that impression. Nothing unfair about it this time.