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Petition Calls for Tourism Boycott over "Stand Your Ground"

by Jerry Bader

This effort illustrates how disingenuous the entire debate is in this case. George Zimmerman abandoned a "Stand Your Ground" defense and instead used the standard self-defense argument. But who cares about the facts? From the petition:

Florida is not a safe place to take your family for vacation as long as Florida law permits a citizen to shoot or kill you for merely looking suspicious, and to do it with impunity. Boycott Florida tourism until this dangerous law is overturned. If the murder of Trayvon Martin isn't enough to get lawmaker's attention, maybe a loss in revenue to the state would be. 

I'm literally shaking my head at this. This law had no role whatsoever in Zimmerman's defense. None. Zero. Zilch! If the law didn't exist in Florida nothing would have changed in this case. Nothing! Have you seen the body count in Chicago lately? How about boycotting Illinois?