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Oh Good; John McCain Has Weighed In on Richard Sherman

by Jerry Bader

Because that's exactly what was missing from the story that WON'T go away. I'm not defending Sherman's actions, but if it weren't for Chris Christie, this would be the most over reported story in America right now. It seems most people were shocked at how he lashed out and the impression has lasted. My suspicion is most viewers initially believed he was speaking directly to reporter Erin Andrews and not to Michael Crabtree. That would account for a lot of the shock factor.

And Sherman has apologized. But the story won't go away and now a senator from Arizona is piling on? It's as though the media relishes the idea of a villain for the Super Bowl. Will he be critical to shutting down Peyton Manning and the Broncos? Will he get lit up? Nice to see McCain has found a topic to get him noticed again.