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Nobody's perfect, but wow!

by Jerry Bader

Sheboygan is in the heart of the 6th Congressional District and the front page of Sunday's Sheboygan Press features an article about the four candidates in the Aug. 12 Republican primary, accompanied by a picture of each candidate. Amazingly, three of the four names assigned to the candidates are wrong. .

Nobody is perfect. I'm hardly without sin when it comes to casting the first stone criticizing media mistakes. In fact, in the heat of a live broadcast I mispronounced Duey Stroebel's name a couple of times during a radio debate. In talk radio you work without a net, talking for several hours a day, five days a week. I have only my own eyes to check this blog for errors and I have missed some from time to time. But there was once an editorial process to save newspapers from this sort of embarrassment.

Perhaps newspapers have gotten too use to the flexibility of quick corrections in their online products.