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Mystery TV Buy in Governor's Race

by Jerry Bader

Journal-Sentinel columnist Dan Bice reported today that Target Enterprises is booking nearly $2 million in TV in four Wisconsin media markets for September and October. Bice reported that the booking was for an undisclosed client, but speculated it could be the Right Direction Wisconsin Political Action Committee, the local arm of the Republican Governor's Association. That would suggest a large late in the campaign buy for Governor Scott Walker.

Sources at two television stations in Wisconsin confirmed to me today that, in fact, the buy is on the behalf of RDW and that some of the spots have been booked during Green Bay Packers broadcasts.

One source told me it seems strange this is news as the DCCC does this in almost every election cycle; book early to get the best rates. Apparently it's common practice and doesn't really suggest a last minute carpet bomb that's out of the ordinary. Apparently Democrats know this, but acted outraged for Bice's benefit.