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Marquette Law School Poll: Walker neck and neck with Burke and Vinehout

by Jerry Bader

I don't think it's an overstatement to say these numbers defy logic. 63% don't know enough to have an opinion about her, 70% say the same for Vinehout, yet both are within about two points of Governor Walker? There is speculation that Vinehout hasn't ruled out a run for the Democratic nomination and these numbers suggest she probably shouldn't. But it is baffling that two virtually unknown candidates are in a virtual toss-up with Scott Walker. Other polls have yielded similar results. Some 45% of the state will vote for a virtual stranger before they'll vote for Scott Walker. Looks like Mitt Romney was pretty close to spot on with that 47% statement.

If Walker barely leads both, what happens when Burke starts spending millions, as it's believed she'll do? And will she stick to the advertising and talk less, given how badly talking has gone for her?

A lot of issues were tested here; one that pops out at me is school choice (question 39 d.). Statewide school choice is favored 50% to 44%. The education establishment has been pretty sure public opinion was with them on this issue.