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Layoffs, Rate Hikes at Gannett Newspapers?

by Jerry Bader

A blogger that follows Gannett claims 31 Wisconsin layoffs, including 7 in Green Bay and 9 in Appleton. We haven't confirmed that. As for the rate hikes, that comes from a TV news story about the Des Moines Register. And it's interesting that the report suggests that the 40% increase in rates for the Register will be seen at other Gannett papers, perhaps company wide. Gannett has been all in on the transition to digital. In fact, there are no longer Gannett newspapers, there is only "(Insert Newspaper name here) Media."

And they're putting a premium on online video products; packaged reports, etc. It's possible that Gannett is attempting to forestall the day when they have to shed their print product altogether. You'll note that Des Moines Register print subscribers will see an increase and digital only won't. The only reason I take the print edition is because my wife reads it and you get the digital product  bundled with it. That strategy may change