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"It's Working Wisconsin"

by Jerry Bader

AFP-Wisconsin is launching a three week ad blitz toda y touting the successful reforms of Governor Scott Walker without mentioning him by name. That's the same strategy they're using at "It's Working Wisconsin" events around the state (full discloser: I'm speaking at one Thursday in Green Bay); sing the praises of the policy without mentioning Walker.

The interesting part of this story is where the Democratic flak says Wisconsin families are struggling. Yes, some are. Yes, job creation could happen faster. But is the current economic climate of Wisconsin comparable to the "malaise" days of President Jimmy Carter, as the left is trying to depict? I doubt if reality for most matches that liberal perception.

That said, this race is tight, even though half the state doesn't know enough about Mary Burke to have an opinion on her. The "anybody but Walker" crowd is still formidable.