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It's Official, Burke Running for Governor

by Jerry Bader

This isn't a surprise, of course. DPW (which could stand for Dictator of Progressives in Wisconsin) party chair Mike Tate all but decreed that the field would be cleared for Burke's run against incumbent Scott Walker. She was Jim Doyle's Commerce Secretary and the state's job track record during that time will make for an interesting campaign issue.

Her highest elected public office is Madison school board. What's not to love here for Tate? She has a shallow political record and deep personal pockets. Wisconsin liberals appear to believe the "War on Women" strategy is going to play big in Wisconsin in 2014, so her gender was certainly attractive to them as well.

Walker doesn't poll above 50% by anyone's measure. That combined with Burke's personal wealth make her a formidable candidate. Of course, beyond a campaign video she released today, we really haven't heard her speak. That means we've yet to find out how formidable she is intellectually and politically.