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"It's Do or Die for Scott Walker"

by Jerry Bader

It likely has happened too quietly for most people to notice, but Mary Burke has had a good week. Polls continue to show her in a dead heat with Scott Walker and a road trip to D.C. has paid off handsomely for her. The Washington Post, Politico and the Daily Beast all have done pieces portraying Burke as the legitimate threat she is to Scott Walker. Headlines such as "The Woman Who Could Beat Scott Walker" and "It's Do or Die for Scott Walker" give her an air of legitimacy that could translate into increased campaign dollars and public perception.

Here's why this is big. For the moment Burke is in this race because she's still unknown. Essenntially, Scott Walker is tied with a generic democratic candidate. This type of pub gives her legitimacy without having to reveal more about herself. It's likely why the Walker campaign has spent too long on the outsourcing issue; they've been trying to define her before she can define her self, or if she refuses to define herself.

More dangerous, the national love gives her a sense of momentum, whether it's real or not at the moment. Meanwhile, Senator Ron Johnson this week criticized Team Walker for the outsourcing criticism and "Millionaire Mary" stuff. Let's face it; it hasn't been a good week for Scott Walker, it's been a very good week for Mary Burke and yes, this race really is that close.