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Hundreds of Parents Willing to Adopt Unborn Down Syndrome Baby

by Jerry Bader

In arguing against limiting abortion to 20 weeks, USA Today lamented earlier this month that this may make it impossible for parents to abort a child with Down Syndrome. This story illustrates that there are plenty of people willing to take such a child. After seeing this I IM'd my wife asking if she thought we would, if there was no other choice. We'd be in our 70's when the child became an adult, but I'm convinced we'd do it.

The reality is there are probably many parents willing to adopt any child that otherwise would be aborted. The pro-abortion argument is a woman shouldn't be "forced" to carry to term. In this case parents planned to carry to term and decide to abort only when they learn their child might not me their expectations. It's hard for me not to be judgmental of such parents. And God bless those who stepped forward in this story.